Healthy eating enhances learning, fuels students’ brains and helps them focus.

Students are encouraged to bring healthy snacks, lunches and water bottles to school each day. Fresh filtered water is available on tap throughout the campus.

Alternatively, students can buy their lunch through the Café FOUR 14 lunch ordering system. Lunch orders must be placed at reception before 9.30am daily.

Café FOUR 14 creates delicious food using fresh local produce and ingredients.

Café FOUR 14 Lunch Menu

Students can choose from the following options:

Ham and Egg
Tomato and Cheese
Ham and Cheese


Mince pie
Mince & Cheese pie
Steak pie
Steak & Cheese pie
Butter Chicken pie
Sausage Roll
Savoury Mince pie
Mini Pizza


Pasta of the Day (Cold)
Caesar Salad (Bacon)
Up Beat Salad (Vege)
Muesli Cup with Yoghurt


Energy Ball
Choc Chip Cookie
Scone of the day


Mizone - Crisp Water
Berry Smoothie Juice
Banana Smoothie Juice




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