Our primary focus is to ensure your child is safe, happy and a confident member of our community. Our school is built on a foundation of empathy and respect, and we are committed to helping every student achieve their full potential while thriving in a supportive, caring and inclusive environment.


A System Built on Care

Our Tutor System allocates a tutor to every student, for mentoring, academic tracking and ongoing support throughout the year. Tutor teachers know their tutees well across all areas of school life. This enables them to provide individualised support build on a strong foundation of respect, trust and care. Tutor Teachers are also the first port of call for families.

The focus is on improving overall student well-being and achievement through:

  • Encouragement and care
  • Setting goals
  • Developing action plans
  • Providing guidance with study programmes
  • Monitoring progress and providing feedback to parents and deans
  • Raising expectations
  • Building trust.

Kind, Caring & Inclusive

ACG Tauranga students are encouraged to develop empathy, compassion and respect for others; to think about the world around them, and to care about their community and environment. We have a strong commitment to be good people first and foremost; to work hard and to serve and strive to make a positive difference to people’s lives.

Cultivating meaningful relationships with teachers and classmates helps our students grow into kind, caring and inclusive global citizens – powerful attributes that are not just highly valued at our school, but in all corners of the globe.

Additional Support

Parent/teacher conferences are an excellent way for parents to gain an overview of their child’s academic and social progress. Parents can contact the school at any time to arrange a meeting.

Leadership opportunities, a supportive school culture, and a strong sense of belonging are just some of the benefits of ACG Tauranga’s vertical house system. Each house is composed of children from all year levels. The House System encourages interaction between all age groups and strengthens our school’s strong family feel. Siblings are placed in the same house, creating a ‘family within a family’.

Settling into life at ACG Tauranga is smooth and seamless, thanks to our unique transition programme. Each new student is assigned a buddy (or buddies) to help them adjust to the culture and processes of the school, ensuring they feel supported and welcome from their very first day.

Our tutor teachers provide our international students with additional pastoral care and welfare support. They are a helpful point of liaison between students, their parents, homestay families and the school.

Teaching Respect & Empathy

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